10 Ways to Show Love to Your Children


I’d like to talk to you today about 10 ways to show love to your children:

When 12-year-old Jaime walked home from school each day, she passed through a small community park. Usually, Jaime walked home with friends, but today she was alone, and she passed a park bench. She decided to sit down for a little while.

Well, Jamie started thinking about her family, her parents and her two brothers, so here’s my question: My friends, when your children are away from you and they think about you and your family, what do they think? What are you doing to help them think good thoughts?

We want our children to know that they’re loved, appreciated, and to feel their family’s support.

So what are some of the things that we can do to create these good feelings?

I’d like to suggest there are 10 things:

01- give lots of hugs and kisses and verbal reinforcement:

Don’t be sure your children know how much you love them, you should tell them a lot about your feelings and how much you love them. Make your love for your children look good the way you look at them and the words you say to them, the tone of voice that expresses your love, your emotion, and your body language with different signs and Signals of kindness and love.

02- Eat at least one meal together every day, or as often as you possibly can:

Eating with your children has a huge impact on their psychology, especially if they are their favorite meals, they are They feel that you share what they love and do and all that you do for them. This is a sign of your great love for them, so you should do your best to eat as many meals as possible and diversify places to eat such as going for a picnic, taking their favorite food and sharing it with them or taking them to a restaurant and allowing them to choose what they want to eat from the menu themselves.

03- Set aside at least one evening each week for fun family activities:

Children love to play and have fun and enjoy their time a lot and feel more comfortable and fun while sharing their parents and fun with them, and to practice family entertainment activities happy and fun and also feel great self-confidence and proximity to their parents more and more, so it is better to share the parents of their children in the exercise of these activities By allocating at least one night a week, and If it is possibly more than one night it would be much better.

04- Spend time with each of your children individually:

All children always want to spend a lot of time with their parents playing, having fun, hiking and doing various activities. This often happens collectively, That is, all your children are together, This makes the effect of doing all these things on themselves a bit weak and reduces the full sense of love and affection of parents, so You should, therefore, spend enough time to To customize it with each of your children individually so that everyone can have great confidence in their parents’ value and feel loved. This is important for them, so they all know that spending time with them is also important to you.

05- Compliment your children every chance you get:

Children are attracted to their parents more than all people, and they are very happy if they are with them. One of the most important things that make them happy is to praise their parents in several different ways, so you have to praise your children at every opportunity you have, and if you are not enough The opportunities you should make available yourself.

 06- Talk to your children about what would make their home more comfortable and inviting for them and their friends, Take steps to address any concerns that they might have:

Your children find complete comfort in their home if they have all their different requirements, especially when they invite their friends to want them to know that their house is beautiful and distinct and available to all they need, but if it lacks some of the things they need most and they are dissatisfied with his condition They have a great fear and embarrassment of inviting friends, so talk to them to find out what they want and need to make their home convenient and comfortable for them and their friends. This has a huge impact on their self-confidence and is a very important step in addressing any concerns they may have.

07- Be loving toward yourself and your husband or your wife:

The deterioration of the relationship between the father and mother greatly affects the boys, where they become very aggressive either between brothers with each other or between children and other children, because of what they see in their house of aggression and see their parents always complain and complain about themselves constantly for lack of tenderness and love inside their beds.

But if the home is often dominated by love and affection between parents, this is reflected in the children in a positive situation in their lives, they have a sense of love and affection and family affection and a lasting sense of security and stability, and therefore every mother must be loved for herself and her husband, and each must be Father loving himself and his wife.

08- Be your children’s biggest fan, Support them in their interests and their activities:

Your children love to do a lot of activities and show their talents and possibilities to achieve the goals they dream of, and the consent of parents for what they love and encourage them always gives them a great energy to provide more and more, support them and motivate them always and show them your love for what they do, it feels them with you to help them and support them She wants them to excel in their activities and increase their love for them. They desperately need this great support.

 09- Spend unhurried time with them:

The daily concerns of parents make them far from their children, do not sit with them and participate in activities and sports that they love or take them for walks and fun in places where they feel comfortable, making them in private and loss of care and tenderness and their sense of distance from their parents, you should seize the time that you have to take the opportunities you should spend with your children, and if it is fast, it increases their knowledge that you always want to be near them to take care of them every minute despite all Your preoccupations.

10- Let them know frequently how grateful you are to be their parent:

Always praise your children, thank them for their good work and tell them each time how grateful you are to be their parents.

He told them that there was nothing they could do at all that would hurt your love for them. You’ll always love them, without restrictions, no matter what. You may not agree with what they do, but you will always love them.