3 ways to bring up the child as you like to be


today I will cover the dimensions of child-rearing, how parents, and force restrictions and different parenting styles.

there are two broad dimensions of child-rearing:

the first is warmth and coldness:

so warm parents are more affectionate caring and supportive, they communicate enjoyment by being with their children and they are less likely to use physical punishments

cold parents may not enjoy their kids, and they show little to no affection towards them, they complain about a child’s behavior and say that their kids have a mind of their own.

there’s also restrictive ‘no sand permissiveness, restrictive parents impose rules and watch their children closely.

they can either have positive or negative consequences for the child depending on the punishments, and permissive parents supervise their kids a little less closely than restrictive parents, they allow children to do what is natural and then they only intervene when the child is in danger.

how parents enforce restrictions?

so there are three main methods;

the first is inductive methods:

they aim to teach knowledge that will enable kids to generate desirable behavior on their own

they usually use reasoning with their kids it helps the child to understand moral behavior and foster pro-social behavior like helping and sharing.

power is sort of methods:

they have physical punishments and denial of perfect privileges they may insist, that power assertion is necessary because the child is noncompliant, and it is often linked with aggression and delinquency.

the more use of power sort of methods the less the child appears to develop internal standards of conduct, withdrawal of love is isolating or ignoring you know misbehaving children.

into the child it can be more threatening than physical punishment, it may foster compliance and still built and anxiety

parenting styles:

there are four main types authoritative, where parents are restrictive in demanding yet communicative and warm, authoritarian parents demand submission and obedience, they are usually famous for saying because I said so when a child asks a question regarding rules and stuff, they have strict right and wrong guidelines.

permissive and indulgent style:

are the parents are warm and not restrictive and there’s high nurturance, rejecting and neglecting parents are neither restrictive and controlling or responsive, and usually they’re kind of uninvolved and that’s also what rejecting and neglecting can be called.