today I’m gonna talk about sibling rivalry and how to deal with that, it’s a topic that is very challenging for me, and I’ve certainly not got all the answers on this one I’m just gonna share with you a couple of things that have worked for me and my family.

so my son was born first and he was two-and-a-half when my daughter was born, and he has been quite jealous of her for the past few years really, and it’s been very difficult to deal with but I found that spending 20 minutes of quality time with my son, and when I say quality time I mean sitting down and playing a game and giving him my undivided attention trying not to look at my phone or having any TV on.

and has worked really well and equally doing the same thing with my daughter I think we can fall into the trap of thinking that we have to spend hours and hours of time with our children and feeling guilty if we don’t but I’ve actually found that 20 minutes of real quality time, and can really help and also doing a reward charts we found that rewarding them when they are playing nicely together, and being kind to each other which is very rare but when they do and I try and rewarding with stickers and praise as much as I can.

 so there a couple of things that I’ve learned about how to deal with sibling rivalry

one last thing what do you do about where they are sitting in the car gosh that’s such a difficult one and I know that other parents struggle with that they’re fighting over about where they’re gonna sit in the car.

so we have a road to NASA, and them one of them sits in the front for one week and the other one sits in the front for the next week and we just have to stick to that road sir and I know it’s really ridiculous and irrational to have to do a road on where to sit in the car.