How To Make Your Child More Creative


here’s how you could increase your child’s creativity today, read you by the problem when your child encounters a problem help them to redefine the problem and to remain solution-oriented, stand the problem on its head and examine it from the outside, the unsolvable can suddenly solve itself.

question assumptions:

creative people are incredibly gifted at asking tough questions about preconceived ideas,

  • remind your kids that the greatest scientist in our history was above all, willing to be creative generating idea creative people thrive in an atmosphere of spontaneous problem-solving.
  • allow your child to generate a number of solutions that collaborate with your child to guide into the best solutions, value knowledge true creativity builds on previous solutions.
  • teach your children to acquire a knowledge base, and to build with the discoveries of others some of the greatest minds are lost to a lack of education.
  • encourage sensible risk-taking, nearly every significant discovery in history included a good amount of risk. perfect academic performance rejects risk-taking, and too many children restrict their path to the straight and narrow.

parents should reward kids were billing willing to take a risk in their studies and schoolwork, it could be the best risk they ever take

now, even when parents follow these steps some kids still struggle to succeed, the main limitation on what children ultimately do is what they think they can do, all children need a base for being creative in order to reach original solutions adults have a responsibility to reinforce the self-confidence in the child.

the best predictor of the success of my kids is not their innate intelligence, but rather their deep belief that they can succeed.