How to Make Your Kids Healthier, Smarter, and Better Athletes


I’d like to talk to you about how you can make your kids healthier smarter and better athletes, what parent doesn’t want that, so what it’s all about the big secret is that health comes from within and that your nervous system is what controls everything in your body.

so if you can optimize your child’s nervous system function, you can optimize all of those things, so starting with their health they can be healthier because their body’s finding things wrong and fixing.

it smarter because their brain is working better when you optimize your nervous system you’re optimizing the health of the brain, and then a better athlete, because as you optimize all of those things with the nervous system and the physical structure of the body the spinal alignment mobility they can be more efficient at their sport.

 so why does this happen,

your nervous system controls everything,  so you’ve got your brain and then all the messages from the brain to tell the body what to do run through the spine, and then out through the spinal nerves that go everywhere in the body, every cell every organ, every muscle, every tissue, so when you optimize the alignment of the spine you’re optimizing the ability of those nerve messages to flow from the brain to the body and back up to the brain.

 now, what are you able to really do than to assist your child? What are good habits and some things you can do?

 first of all. get your kids adjusted,

there is a reason that all athletes and Olympic athletes have chiropractors on their team of health care workers, and that is because they know what makes them function better and be better at their sport, and just optimizes that nerve flow, so gets them adjusted.

we have a kid’s wellness bug here you can read about it on, that helps kids to just come and get adjusted even though they’re already healthy.

but to help make them healthier, teach good posture to your kids, have a secret code word. when you see that the kids are slouching or being a little slumping or using their devices wrong, you can have a word like pickle or superstar, something, and that means that you’re aware that their posture is good and they need to fix it right then, or you can give them the little evil eye.

when they are using their devices you want to teach them to use them properly, there’s one great secret for keeping kids in good alignment when they’re using phones and laptops and tablets, and things like that, and that is to have them lay on their stomach to use them because what happens is you take what would be horrible posture which is this.

using the devices like this, it ruins the back curve and the neck curve at the same time, but it takes it from horribleness to optimal, because when they’re laying on their stomachs they have to have their head up hence the good curve in the neck, and their lower back is arched a little bit.

so the good curve in the lower back so you use their they can use their devices but they have to be laying on their stomach if they’re going to be doing it for a long period of time and you know the left poor posture doing it.

 another thing then is just to have them move a lot,

the more movement of the body and especially if the spine warps the more stimulation of the brain, which then drives better function from the brain down to the body.

so there you have it you can help to make your kids healthier smarter, and better athletes, with good chiropractic care, and good posture and some great habits.