Make Your Child Smarter: Extending Learning with Children’s Picture Books


it might be the most rewarding things you do with your child all-day

today I want to talk to you about it sending your child learning while reading picture books, this is an incredibly simple concept but it’s something we oftentimes forget to do.

  • every time you sit down to read books with your child whether that be just for fun during today for at bedtime, if you have 10 minutes don’t live through 5 books in 10 minutes, then the ten minutes on one book.
  • start and stop the story looking to count different objects in the picture look at what colors they are not about how the characters might be feeling or what might be happening next in the book, something as simple as what color is the little girl’s hair, or how many bears are in this picture, or do you think he’s going to eat that sandwich.

these square measure all tremendous prompts that facilitate your baby get not solely a lot of engaged during a story, however, builds vocabulary psychological feature skills and it’s aiming to create them an improved reader for the remainder of their life.

there are of course alphabet books and Counting books and my first hundred words my first thousand words books, and these are wonderful tools, I really enjoyed reading them with my daughter but the truth is our favorites are always stories but you don’t have to

  • stop there, you can dive into those stories with your kids and keep pulling things out that you know they’re covering in school or daycare or just you guys are having fun learning together